CoronavirusAs small business owners, we get to make decisions every day, and we always make decisions based on what’s beneficial for the business, for our employees, and local patrons, but this time is different. The world is changing before our eyes, and what’s currently happening is a wake-up call to pause our lives and assess what is truly important.

Two alternatives we could take:

Today, we are forced with a decision with two choices (which neither of these options guarantees our restaurants will survive in these difficult times):

  1. Stay open and minimize expenses hoping we get enough income by respecting the new mandates of social spacing by seating patrons at 50% capacity, curbside to-go orders, and deliveries to support our operations and provide for our employees.
  2. Shut down for 15 days (at least) and fully comply with the federal and local government recommendations for the next 15 days and help eliminate the chance of spreading the virus further.

What we considered before making the decision:

As we analyzed the two alternatives the questions that came to our mind were:

Do we do what we think is right for our business?
Do we do what we know is right for the community?

We are learning from other countries, like China and Italy, that the slowdown of the spread is not even near unless we put an immediate halt to social gatherings. Statistics of new cases and deaths caused by the virus are exponentially growing in Florida, and there are no signs of a slowdown of any of those anytime soon either.

Our whole restaurant concept is based on social interaction. We love to see our patrons around our restaurant hugging, kissing, and eating by sharing meals while enjoying our downhome atmosphere. It does not feel right to ask our patrons to come and enjoy our concept when the whole world is telling us that what we believe in is not the right thing to do right now due to the virus spread.

What we decided.

So, we came together as a team and decided NOT TO DO what we think could be right for us, but what we know is right for others. We recognize that in a global crisis like this, it is better to focus on others than on ourselves. Therefore, we will be fully complying with government recommendations, and we have temporarily shut down our restaurant until further notice.