Nona Eats with Paul Michelotti of GO Realty is the number one source for the best bites in Orlando’s most talked-about community: When they wanted to film their inaugural episode, Nona Eats turned to Sweet Mama’s, the first restaurant established in the Lake Nona area, and it’s still operating today.

“Sweet Mama’s was a dream of two ladies as they were chatting and drinking a glass of wine,” says Lisa Matson, co-founder of Sweet Mama’s Restaurant.

“We wanted to start an independent restaurant where people would feel at home and be able to have a delicious meal, something that your mom would have cooked.”

For Lisa and her partner Linda Moore, they want their customers to feel like they are in their family kitchen and can order anything exactly how they like it. “I’m a rebel, so I like it when you say, I want to have an Eggs Benedict and a half of corned beef hash. Get whatever you want. The kitchen’s happy to prepare it,” says Lisa.

Sweet Mama’s first location was on Narcoossee Road in a standalone small-town building. As the restaurant grew and needed to expand, Lisa and Linda made it a priority to remain embedded within the community. 

“Our lease was coming to an end (on Narcoossee Road), and we wanted to move to a newer building,” says Linda. “The area was growing, and we wanted to grow along with Lake Nona.”

Since 2007, Sweet Mama’s has been a pillar in the community. Lisa and Linda’s home-cooking atmosphere have contributed to the quality of life of people from Lake Nona and across Central Florida. 

Check out the full episode where Linda demonstrates how to make Sweet Mama’s famous Florentine Benedict, Bananas Foster French Toast (with their homemade caramel sauce), and a garden omelet with avocado.