We kinda knew it already, but now it’s official – our neighbors love us! 

That was confirmed by the world’s largest social network for the neighborhood, Nextdoor, when Sweet Mama’s Restaurant won the Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite Award.

“No award could make us happier,” says Lisa Matson, co-founder of Sweet Mama’s Restaurant. “We love our neighbors, we love our community, and we love the people and families that we serve every day. We are extremely thankful for everyone who voted for us.”

What is a Neighborhood Favorite?

Neighborhood Favorites is Nextdoor’s annual awards program that gives neighbors an opportunity to recognize the most beloved businesses in their local community. Neighbors on Nextdoor have the chance to vote for their favorite businesses in over 30 categories, including restaurants, farmer’s markets, coffee shops, bookstores, nail salons, and more.

Only 1°/o of all businesses win this award – and Sweet Mama’s is one of them!

“Local businesses are at the heart of every strong community,” says Linda Moore, co-founder. “We do our best to get to know our customers because we love people, and we cherish our community. Our restaurant was designed and decorated from the ground up with the family firmly in mind. We want our customers to think of Sweet Mama’s as their second home (just like we do).”

About Nextdoor

Nextdoor is the world’s largest social network for the neighborhood. Nextdoor enables local conversations that empower neighbors to build stronger and safer communities. Whether it’s finding a last-minute babysitter, planning a local event, or sharing safety tips, Nextdoor is the best way to stay informed about what’s going on in one’s neighborhood. 

Neighbors in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada are using Nextdoor to:

  • Find a trustworthy babysitter or recommended house painter
  • Spread the word about a lost dog
  • Organize a neighborhood watch group or quickly get the word out about a break-in
  • Share information during a natural disaster
  • Receive information from local public agencies
  • Find a new home for an outgrown bicycle